The Mandate

Razzball is a successful fantasy sports site. They were engaging thousands of members monthly, but the experience was muted. They had a utilitarian website and a disjointed brand identity. Razzball wanted to create a brand and a website experience that reflect the fun their members were having on their sites.Razzball told us, ?Make us look professional and just plain awesome.?

The Solution

Design and Develop created a dynamic new visual identity for Razzball with a brand identity system for each sport.

The suite of websites are managed in one custom WordPress Template. This provides easy single-login management and updates, and saves Razzball time by maintaining everything all in one place. We created a master WordPress template that creates a unique, but Razzball-branded look for each sport.

Design and Develop created social media assets to extend Razzball?s reach and brand to Twitter and Facebook. The integration is seamless, and updates are posted in real-time.

The new brand was launched to great fanfare, and a set of snarky Razzball t-shirts delighted members.

The project was a homerun.

The Win

Razzball?s ad revenue increased tenfold, thanks to better placement and some strategic design choices.

With a distinct brand, Razzball is a professional player in the fantasy sports arena.

I charged Design & Develop with a seemingly impossible task, because all I knew is I wanted our site to be better. Yes, I'm the worst kind of customer. The kind that knows they want something better, but doesn't know how to tell the designers exactly what that is. Opal and Paul held my hand and walked me through how things can 'be better' and -- voila! -- they did it! On top of that, I'm sure they have a ton of customers, but they always made me feel like I was number one. I say, nay, they're number one!
Grey Albright, CEO, Razzball