Sticky Branding

The Mandate

Sticky Branding had a number of clear goals for the website. While the previous iteration of the site was attractive and functional, it was time to up the ante. Sticky Branding wanted a website that would ?Always Be Converting.?

The new version of the site had to:

  • Grow platform and reach of the book, Sticky Branding.
  • Increase newsletter subscriptions.
  • Increase sales leads.
  • Remain clean, clear, and responsive for mobile devices.

The Solution

The Sticky Branding website required careful, reflexive design to allow the content to flow, pop, and convert in the right way.

The custom WordPress template pays special attention to current design trends of larger fonts, extra white space, and vivid hero images. It also incorporates a striking video on the homepage to engage new visitors.

The Win

The website performance skyrocketed upon launch:

  • 700% increase in sales leads. Sticky Branding is acquiring as many leads in a week as they did in ninety days.
  • 3% decrease in bounce rate
  • Increased time on service pages. Users are lingering on the strategic content on the site.
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Jeremy Miller, CEO, Sticky Branding