The Mandate

  • Make us look professional and just plain awesome. Our design should reflect our content and subject matter (Fantasy Sports).
  • Bring 4 separate WordPress sites into a single WordPress Multisite installation to make management easier. Retain user accounts, author credentials, and inbound links.
  • Streamline social media efforts.
  • Increase ad revenue.

The Solution

  • A set of logos to represent each sport blog.
  • A custom WordPress template with flexible settings to customize the look for each sport.
  • Social Media assets to match the brand.

The Win

  • Ad revenue increased 10X!
  • Razzball now has a distinct, easily recognized brand.
  • Consistent appearance and functionality across all Razzball sites.
  • Simplified site management and maintenance.

I charged Design & Develop with a seemingly impossible task, because all I knew is I wanted our site to be better. ?Yes, I’m the worst kind of customer. ?The kind that knows they want something better, but doesn’t know how to tell the designers exactly what that is. ?Opal and Paul held my hand and walked me through how things can ‘be better’ and — voila! — they did it! ?On top of that, I’m sure they have a ton of customers, but they always made me feel like I was number one. ?I say, nay, they’re number one!

Grey Albright, CEO, Razzball