Logo Loco: How Not to Go Crazy Choosing Your Logo

How do you pick a fantastic logo out of the options your designer shows you? What are the little things that make the right logo jump out of a lineup and scream ?PICK ME!??

It Shouldn?t Hurt to Get Branded: Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Logo

Let?s shed some light on the types of logos, and some key points that you should understand when selecting someone to create your logo.

HTTP vs. HTTPS: 4 Reasons Why Your Website Should Use a SSL Certificate

Based on the number of emails and messages I’ve received about the not-secure warnings in your browsers, imagine how your prospects are behaving when interacting with your not-secure website.

4 Reasons Why Your Website Sucks (And How to Fix It)

You can build and launch a beautiful site, but if it doesn’t convert readers into buyers there’s a problem. Let’s talk about 4 reasons why your website sucks.

An Open Letter to DIY Website Owners

An Open Letter to DIY Website Owners

DYI Website people? I just wanted to send you a note congratulating you on tackling a big challenge and winning.

Web Designer vs. Web Developer

There’s a lot of confusion about the difference between Web Designers and Web Developers. What is the difference between a Web Designer and a Web Developer?

3 Confusing Situations for Website Owners – and How to Avoid Them

When your life doesn?t revolve around website maintenance, the way mine does, the process can seem, well, byzantine. ?Navigating the waters of website ownership can be really frustrating. Let?s look at some of the common confusion points for website owners, and what they can do to ease the confusion.